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How can you increase professional effectiveness in your organization?

The simple answer: executive coaching. Your employees are your business. When you invest in their success, you invest in your success. Executive coaching is a tailored, expedient, focused learning intervention aimed at harnessing the full potential of your brand. See how executive coaching can both protect and grow your business.

Paula Tropiano, M.A.
Paula Tropiano, M.A. Executive Coach

Professional effectiveness

Paula Tropiano Executive & Organizational Coaching
helps service delivery organizations including, but not limited to:

Healthcare Professionals / Healthcare product
and service delivery organizations

Lawyers / Law Firms

Consultants: Technical & Business

Entrepreneurs & Sole Proprietors

Are you experiencing one or more of the following?

  • Resistance to necessary change within yourself, employees, or departments within your organization?
  • Difficulty cultivating vision and strategy, and establishing plans for implementation?
  • A highly competent employee who sometimes behaves unprofessionally or even disruptive?
  • An employee who would qualify for a promotion if not for a lack of awareness or leadership presence?
  • A key employee who holds multiple roles and may not be effective in balancing those roles?

If so, Paula Tropiano Executive & Organizational Coaching can help.

Say YES to improving your organization now!

Here’s how executive and organizational coaching can benefit you and your organization.

Many situations can be challenging, if not daunting, for leaders to address. Most professional situations have multiple moving parts and complexities — all of which are sensitive, often too sensitive or out of scope to be addressed within a direct report relationship. These situations can often be best addressed through collaboration with an executive coach who can work with you and your organization as a trusted partner to assess situations, identify needs, and facilitate productive movement forward.

Quality executive coaching aims to establish productive working partnerships among professionals and their respective organizations in a manner that improves quality of services delivery, safety and organizational effectiveness. It equips professionals and leaders with the tools and skills needed to successfully navigate through complex organizational systems and increasingly competitive markets.

Paula Tropiano is a diversely skilled executive coach and alumni of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program. She is dedicated to the development of highly skilled, flexible, resilient professionals and organizations. Through focus on the continued development of professional competence — in the domains of teamwork, decision-making, communication, wellness and service leadership — higher quality service becomes possible while upgrading efficiency, producing results/outcomes, and reducing liabilities.

Learn more about Paula and what she can do for your organization.

What is executive coaching?

Coaching is a process that moves you from where you are to where you want to be or in some situations to where you need to be.

Coaching is about learning, developing and stretching beyond your comfort zone in the interest of reaching your goals, objectives, and potential.

Our collaboration creates a confidential and trusting environment that sets the tone for increased self-awareness, self-correction, and refinement of knowledge and skills. Together we aim to enhance and optimize your ability to engage, produce and perform – While operating according to Columbia University’s Coaching evidenced- based coaching process grounded in performance science, experiential and transformational learning supported by its’ four guiding principles of relationship, focus and ethics aimed towards the development of strategic insight.

We start by assessing your situation, then identify and test assumptions, review choices and devise credible and fresh ideas in the interest of your effectiveness. Together, we will think through challenges, problems, and situations while laying a framework that you can utilize and rely upon as you discern what is appropriate and helpful to you and or your organization.

Ultimately, you will craft methods that will work for you and those to whom you are accountable, defining your way of being, behaving, and making a positive impact.

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