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Who is Paula Tropiano?

Paula Tropiano is a Columbia University Certified Executive and Organizational Coach. She has 25 years of diverse experience as a psychological professional, trainer, business developer and manager. Having worked cross industry and function selling to, consulting into, managing within, and providing direct services, she has a 360-degree perspective on service business operations. She understands how professionalism impacts the consumer, the organization, and the bottom line.

Paula coaches clients to sustain and create motivation for change. Paula specializes in working with service businesses and providers in precision-oriented and risk-adverse environments and has particular expertise in healthcare.

Paula Tropiano, M.A.
Paula Tropiano, M.A. Executive Coach

A professional partner in problem solving.

Do you want a true professional partner in problem solving, motivating, developing and empowering your employees to propel your organization toward its goals?

Paula Tropiano will work within your organizations’ culture, core competencies & values to:

  • Prepare a key contributor for promotion
  • Onboard a new manager or key contributor
  • Improve or enhance performance
  • Improve professionalism, including conduct and executive presence
  • Cultivate motivation in support of change initiatives
  • Foster service leadership and development of leadership style

Why choose Paula Tropiano
Executive & Organizational Coaching?

There are other coaches out there — why choose Paula Tropiano Executive & Organizational Coaching?

Paula understands that one size does not fit all when working towards fulfilling one’s potential. Her individualized, integrative approach has helped over a thousand people achieve their goals.

She understands individual differences, human personality and traits, motivation/needs, and is exceptionally skilled in conceptualizing and working within the bigger picture of it all – even when situations are heated, ambiguous, and complicated.

Paula has a conscious appreciation that each client brings unique strengths, ideas, and motivations to the table. When harnessed, these serve as powerful engines for desired change and improvement in creativity, productivity, and performance. She can help you to empower yourself and or your key staff to take advantage of new professional opportunities, at times turning crisis into opportunity and making positive choices.

What can I expect from the process?

There is no need to worry about preparing or facing judgment. It simply starts with a conversation to assess your situation. Then, using evidence-based coaching practices, Paula will work with you to identify and test assumptions to devise credible and fresh ideas to achieve your desired outcomes. Challenges will be thought through in a collaborative fashion, while laying a framework that will help you or your business move forward and grow in a sustainable manner.

Where are coaching sessions held?

The office is located in Chester County, PA. Clients from across the United States are served both onsite and/or via SKYPE technology platform.

Call Paula Tropiano Executive & Organizational Coaching
Today for More Information at 610-363-7505

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